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Top Reasons to Make a Will: Why You Need One

Discover the top reasons why you need to make a will, and learn about the benefits of having a legally binding last will and testament. Get started on your will today!

At Thomas Bradley & Co, we offer our free will writing service all year round, we are fortunate to hear stories every day from those who have benefitted from having their will written. Unfortunately, we also speak to clients whose loved ones passed without a Will, known as dying intestate, and the issues they have seen stem from this. Therefore, we have put together the top ten reasons to have a will.

1. You decide what happens to your estate.

Having a Will is the only secure and legal way in which you can choose who you would like your property, money, and possessions (known as your estate) to be passed on to. That’s why, wills are seen as the cornerstone of estate planning, everything starts with your will. If you pass without a Will, it is up to the government to decide what happens to your estate. This might result in your loved ones who you would like to inherit your estate ending up with nothing, while those who you rather didn’t taking the majority share.

2. Decide who will look after your children.

Your Will allows you to make an informed decision about the care of your children. If you are to pass before your children turn 18, they will require a legal guardian. The requirements for appointing a legal guardian are very similar to the requirements of putting a will in place. For example, it needs to be in writing and signed in the presence of two witnesses.

Having a Will allows you to appoint the person you want to raise your children or, better make sure it is not someone you do not want to raise your children.

3. Avoid a lengthy probate/confirmation and save time, money, and stress for your loved ones.

The probate process, also known as the confirmation process in Scotland, can be lengthy and place additional; stress on your loved ones through what is already a difficult time. However, with your Will already in place, the court is informed of how you’d like your estate divided straight away. Probate courts serve the purpose of ‘administering your estate’. If you pass without a Will, the court will decide how to divide your estate with your input, which can also cause long, unnecessary delays.

4. Reduce inheritance tax.

By having a Will, you can potentially minimise the amount of inheritance tax you pay. The value of what you give away to family members or charity will reduce the value of your estate. This in turn ha an impact on the amount of inheritance you will have to pay. To find out more information or get advice about your estate and assets, get in touch with us at Thomas Bradley & Co by contacting 0330 390 9200.

5. Choose your own executors.

Who you choose as your executors will play the biggest role in the administration of your estate. We advise you to think carefully before you appoint your executor, ensuring that they are someone who is honest, trustworthy, and organised.

By having a Will, you decide who will wind up the affairs of your estate. If you don’t have a Will, the court will appoint someone to act as the administrator of your estate.

6. Its easier, and more affordable than you may believe.

Many of us understand the importance of having a Will, but we put off making a Will as we think it’s too much hassle, or perhaps too expensive. Thankfully its neither of those things. At Thomas Bradley & Co, we offer free wills to clients over the age of 50. So, we do all the work for you leaving you to just think about where you want your assets to go.

7. Support your favourite causes and let your legacy live on.

Thomas Bradley & Co have partnered with charities, to encourage our clients to leave a gift in their will to a charity of their choice. By making gifts and donations, you not only allow your legacy to live on through the charity’s work, but you are able to reflect your personal values and interests.

8. Avoid significant legal challenges.

if you were to pass away without a Will, your estate could be distributed in ways and or to people who you did not intend to receive any assets. This could mean your own family and friends missing out. The law favours your blood relatives when it comes to inheriting assets, and if nobody claims your estate – it belongs to the Crown.

9. You can change your mind if your circumstances change.

A good reason for making a Will is the ability to change it at any time whilst you are still alive. As life changes, you can adjust your Will to reflect those changes. From new grandchildren to an old heirloom, your Will can facilitate any wishes you may have for your loved ones or your loved items.

10. It’s easy to make a Will and gain peace of mind.

Although the previous nine reasons contribute to the importance of having a Will, nothing is more important than ensuring you have peace of mind for the future. Often, we leave end of life planning too late, we wait around for major life events such an unexpected deaths or health issues. However, by making a Will or updating one you have – you can avoid giving your families added stress during an already emotional time.


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