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Free Wills Month? We write your Will for free all year round!

In the past thirty days, we have written 220 Wills!

We understand that planning for a future without you in it is difficult to do, however it is imperative to ensure you decide where you would like your assets to go. If you pass without a will, the state decides where your assets will go, which could result in additional administration costs for your loved ones.

At Thomas Bradley & Co, we offer anyone over the age of fifty a free Will! We are able to do this due to a charity initiative. All we ask is you consider leaving a Gift in your Will to a Charity of your choice. This charity campaign allows the charities you

hold close to your heart to continue to receive support.

Thomas Bradley’s Managing Partner, Scott Ewart says: “Everyone benefits. You get the Will or Will review you need, whilst charity organisations receive much needed funds.”

If you have any assets, or items that you would like to leave for your family or friends, drafting a Will is the best thing you can do. This will ensure that your wishes are fulfilled, whilst giving you peace of mind.

Thomas Bradley & Co are leading specialists in later life planning and are regulated by the Society of Will Writers. If you’d like to make a donation to charity and receive your Free Will, simply contact us on 0330 390 9200 to arrange an appointment today!


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